PRO-8 multi-charger - 8 x 6V/12V
  • PRO-8 multi-charger - 8 x 6V/12V

OptiMate PRO8

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PRO-8 multi-charger - 8 x 6V/12V, Unique 6V, 12VCharger / Optimiser for up to 8 batteries.

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150-9 BatteryMate
150-9 BatteryMate
OptiMate PRO4
OptiMate PRO4

Unique 8-battery optimiser, automatically recovers deep discharged batteries.

Now with selectable 6V and 12V outputs. The PRO-8 is configured with 4 selectable paired outlets, each with 2 outputs. Each of the 4 banks can be set to either 6V or 12V giving 2, 4, 6 or 8 outputs for either Voltage.

Each output is 1 Amp maximum current, suitable for all lead-acid batteries from 3Ah (AGM / MF) or 4Ah (Std / Gel).

Time-saver for service workshops: Recovery, charging, testing, and maintaining of 8 batteries (even different sizes) simultaneously. Each circuit operates independently and delivers 1A constant current. Perfect for all types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries: filler cap types, sealed AGM "MF" motorcycle batteries, and gel start & Deep Cycle (DC) batteries.

Diagnoses: deep discharge and light sulphation (as low as 2V) and 100% automatically starts a unique recovery treatment to recover many neglected batteries. Perfectly charges up to eight different batteries simultaneously.

Tests: for shorted cell and battery capacity defects. A self-discharge check will diagnose if the battery is able to retain its charge correctly – it checks whether the battery rest voltage maintains above 6V or 12V during the test. For a more complete test including the cranking current that a 12V battery is still able to deliver (CCA), we recommend the use of our resistive tester TestMate (2-30Ah) or our BatteryMate (integrated charger-load tester for 2-45Ah batteries).

Maintains: Provided the battery has passed the voltage retention test, it will be offered a limited amount of current, actually just what it takes so that it won’t self-discharge. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to leave a battery in maintenance mode for indefinite periods of time, even during months or years! This feature is interesting for battery dealers who can activate 8 of their top selling batteries and keep them ready for their – sometimes hurried – customers. Another popular application is the charge & maintenance of batteries during the winter storage of pleasure boats, motorcycles, etc. Also ideal for use with deep-cycle and standby Gel batteries used in all sorts of industrial applications.

Easy to use: The advanced, fully automatic, multi-stage charging program ensures a highly effective charge before switching over to the long-term maintenance program. Simply select correct charging Voltage – everything else is automatic. LED indications for: AC power on; inverse polarity connection; recovery program; normal charging; maintenance charging and battery suspect.

The OptiMate Pro-8 is fitted with SAE connectors. It is possible to connect directly to SAE OptiMate & AccuMate accessory leads and also to older TM OptiMate leads using O7 converter leads.

  • Delivered with 8 detachable & replaceable 2m output leads; 8 separate replaceable battery clamp leads, power lead, instructions. 
  • Detachable output leads can be disconnected and stored when not in use.
  • Protection: Reverse polarity protected; short circuiting of clamps automatically resets the charging program; Internal fuses protect individual circuits; mains input fuse.
  • Selectable 115V / 230V input, 50-60Hz.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

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6V Charger, 12V Charger, Motorcycle Charger, Multi Charger, Car Charger

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