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ProBike Motorcycle Workshop Equipment


Fuchs BEI251

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The worlds best motorcycle dynamometer. Industry standard rolling-road test bench chosen by manufacturers.



Accurate testing in a controlled environment.

The Fuchs Test Bench has been designed with the requirements of a modern motorcycle workshop in mind. Its main purpose is to earn profit for the operator, and with this in mind, time saving is a major consideration. This is a complete freestanding unit, which needs no ancillaries to be investigated, manufactured, or purchased separately. A complete test including loading the motorcycle, performing the test, and unloading the motorcycle, can be carried out in less than 3 minutes!

1. Air/fuel mapping

2. Fuel injection tuning

3. Carburettor tuning

4. Fault diagnosis

5. Multiple gear tests

6. Response tests

7. Multiple comparisons

8. Acceleration tests


1. Protective housing for P.C. and printer. Screen positioned close to the operator sitting on motorcycle.

2. Articulated shelf for keyboard & mouse.

3. Cooling fan outlets for engine & exhaust pipes.

4. Integral extraction fan and magnetic intake hoses. Extraction fan rated at 1900 m/hr

5. Automatic wheel clamp, which together with the roller allows frame alignment check

6. Integral folding access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (CE)

7. Cooling fan outlet for rear tyre, motorcycle brake and silencers. Delivery: 2200 m/hr

8. Wheel speed sensor.

9. Roller speed sensor.

10. Safety barriers (CE) with Perspex screens

11. Roller Brake (CE specifications)

12. Cover plates for exhaust extraction inlets

13. Integral folding access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (CE)

14. Non-slip chrome roller with grove (for alignment check) and safety brake.

15. Electric starter control (optional).

16. Monobloc chassis in 3mm steel with chequer plate deck

17. Comprehensive motorcycle parameter databank (1400 bikes+)

The cooling fan outlets channel cool air directly at the engine & exhaust pipes (and around the front wheel). Identical cooling and dynamic pressure on all BEI test benches: enables exact consistency of curves and test results between all BEI benches.

Automatic SAFE Wheelclamp system as standard to secure the motorcycle: Takes one person & 5 seconds to load the bike in total safety. Extremely rigid front wheel clamp (with 3 contact points instead of 2 as on conventional systems). Complete support without any straps: allows wheel/frame alignment check. Other features such as air/fuel analysis, eddy current brake and gas analysis can be added as required.

The standard unit includes exhaust gas extraction fan, rear tyre cooling fan, 2 engine cooling fans, CE guards, ramp, pneumatic automatic wheel clamp (no straps required, 1 person loading), cooling and extraction fans are all housed within the chassis, allowing for simple, clean looking installation. We can also supply the PC and install the dyno and train your staff on site which means you can be earning money right away.



Genuine Windows software: Curves for power & torque: overlay crankshaft, gearbox and rear wheel curves corrected for DIN, ISO or CE95. Comparison of up to 6 different graphs.




Rear wheel, gearbox, and crankshaft.


Hp & Kgm; KW & Nm; force in Kg or N.

Curves in relation to

RPM, Km/h or MPH, time, distance.


DIN, ISO, EC, or gross (no correction)


Forced air cooling for engine and exhausts - Powerful specially designed cooling fans cool the engine and exhaust pipes providing a carefully controlled test environment for accurate, repeatable results. Integral exhaust extraction system - a powerful extraction fan designed for dyno work is integrated within the chassis together with magnetic extraction intakes which fix to the safety ramp for a neat, efficient system - essential for safe testing.


Rear wheel cooling - An additional integral cooling fan for the rear tyre, brake and silencers allows intensive testing without overheating.


Automatic pneumatic wheel clamp - No straps are used to hold the motorcycle, one person can load and unload a bike quickly and safely. The bike's rear tyre is not subjected to abnormal stresses. This allows the following tests to be performed:

Detection of play in steering head and swing arm bearings.

Confirmation of front and rear suspension operation, damping and condition.

Dynamic wheel and frame alignment test.

Transmission and chain check.



Air / fuel meter ("lambda sensor") - gives a fast indication of the mixture status. Fuchs software can display the air/fuel ratio on the power curve printout. Can be used with "OptiMap" automatic tuning software for RapidBike modules.

Eddy current brake - supplied as standard with a torque-cell module to measure power while using the brake, allowing closed-loop control of the brake. Fully automatic pre-programmed cyclic operation can simulate wind resistance, hills, drive cycles, etc.

Integrated 4-Gas Analyser - a must for accurate fuel injection tuning and fault diagnosis. Air/fuel meters can tell you if you have an overall rich or lean mixture, but not why. Gas analysis can indicate ignition or other combustion problems that will not be shown by an air fuel meter, saving you time on that tricky engine.



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