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Laser Bike Aligner

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ProBike Bike Alignment Tool - High tech, extremely fast, accurate frame & wheel alignment - the best.


599.00 + VAT & Carriage

The ProBike Bike Alignment Tool is a very quick, accurate method of measuring the offset and angle between the front and rear wheel of any motorcycle, scooter or moped.

The system uses two separate laser line generator modules mounted one each side of the rear wheel projecting vertical visible laser beams forward along the side of the bike past the front wheel. These beams simultaneously strike the 2 screens attached each side of the front wheel. Viewing the position of these beams on the front screens provides instant, easily readable information to the operator.

The four assemblies are easily fitted by one person to the front and rear wheels by a simple spring tensioned clamping system. The average operator can fit these assemblies and carry out measurements in 3 minutes.

This universal wheel attachment system can be used to check any bike - on a centre stand, side stand, front or rear paddock stand.

Dealer benefits
Add wheel alignment and frame check as an additional service.
Provides new income @ 25 per time - up to 150 per hour.
Prove frame bend or twist without stripping and shipping to a frame jig.
High tech image increases customer and insurance assessor confidence.
Quick and simple to use.
Fits all motorcycles, scooters and mopeds - no special stand required.
Negotiate better trade-in deal by checking for alignment & frame problems.
Prove frame damage to assessor
Check wheel alignment
Check frame / swing arm alignment
Check frame and fork twist

Customer benefits
Improved handling.
Lower tyre wear.
Lower chain and sprocket wear.
Confidence in bike & dealer.
Faster insurance assessment.

Kit Includes
Rear Wheel Assembly c/w 2 x laser line generators
Front Wheel Assembly c/w 4 screens
CAT Laser Chain Alignment Tool
Adapter for wide rear wheels
Handy Carry/Storage Case


E-Mail: Sales@ProBike.co.uk