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MoT Headlamp Aligner

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Rail Mounted Optical Headlamp Tester


995.00 + VAT & Carriage

This MoT approved beam setter allows rapid and accurate checking and aligning of motorcycle headlamps. Rail mounted with a fully adjustable head to enable fast correct positioning. Features include RS232 interface, LCD display for light intensity measurement and integral laser aligner. Supplied with its own integral 12v rechargeable battery and battery charger.

Height: 1770mm

Length: 610mm

Minimum headlamp height: 240mm.

Maximum headlamp height: 1500mm.

Tolerance on aiming height: +/- 10mm

Optical box size: 250mm x 250mm x 610mm

Light intensity: 0-240 lux

Focal length: 500mm


Rail length: 3110mm

Lens to first rail: 110mm

Distance between rails: 395mm

Rail recess dimension: 100mm x 28mm


Note: VOSA require a 600mm clearance behind the Tester head to any wall.


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