OptiMate PRO-1 Duo

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OptiMate PRO-1 DUO, the professional combination battery charger-tester & power supply for powersport, small marine and light aircraft repair shops and battery retailers. Suitable for new or used 12V lead-acid batteries from 3-50Ah and 12.8V /13.2V LiFePO4 batteries from 2-20Ah. 

Three selectable modes:  

  1. Charge mode for 12V lead-acid batteries, including wet and AGM
  2. Charge mode for 12.8V LiFePO4 ("Lithium" LFP) batteries
  3. Power Supply mode for battery support during vehicle diagnostics, tuning or troubleshooting

Activate or prepare new batteries including:

  • Lead-acid dry-charged AGM with separate acid pack
  • Lead-acid factory activated AGM & GEL batteries
  • LFP lithium batteries delivered in sleep mode and/or requiring a top-up charge

Smart recovery mode for deep discharged batteries.

Automatic fast battery activation and test: flashing green test light indicates battery is healthy and sufficiently charged.

Advanced testing: quick identification of bad batteries and automatic retesting of a good battery after charge is complete. Test indication for GOOD (80 to 100%), OK (60 to 80%) and BAD (below 60%) batteries.

Push button activated BMS reset for LiFePO4 batteries. Essential for "waking" new batteries shipped discharged.

Power supply mode provides constant power for vehicle tuning, diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Portable use - Vehicle hanging hook and wall receiver included.

Technical Specifications

Ideal for:   12V lead-acid STD & AGM batteries from 3-50Ah
12.8V/13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries from 2-20Ah
Charging current:  0.4A to 10A variable (Ampmatic)
Charging volts: 12V lead-acid: 0.5V to 22V
12.8V/13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4): 0.5V to 14.4V
Power supply: 11V to 13.6V Charge
Steps:  11
Use: Indoor rating IP40
Input: Global (100-240V 50-60Hz), high efficiency. AC Class 2 input socket
Style:   Case with rubber bumpers, wall-mount or hanger
Included Accessories: Class II AC cord suitable for region (1.8m)
O-43 1.8m charge lead extender and O-14 fused battery clips
Included Hardware:  Wall storage receiver and bar hanging hook
Warranty:   2-year limited repair / replacement warranty
Certification:  CE, UKCA, NRTL (UL & CSA), PSE (Japan), SAA (Aus & NZ)

Manufacturer Part Number: TM650BS

Primary Application:
Battery Type 1:
Lead Acid
Battery Type 2:
Charger Series: