We offer on-site calibration services for MoT Brake Testers, Headlamp Aligners and MoT Bays etc.

Additionally we offer offsite calibration for decelerometers, exhaust gas analysers, vacuum analysers, wheel balancers, and all electronic tools.


We design and install complete workshops for the UK motorcycle industry - over the last 30 years we have completed a huge number of start to finish turnkey projects for the UK's top motorcycle manufacturers, importers and dealerships. As a result, our engineers are among the most experienced in the world in their field.

We use the latest technology for our design and installation work - all CAD drawings and layouts are carried out in house.

From a simple MoT layout to a full workshop design, we can make the best use of the space available to keep your workshop flowing and ensure that every square foot is efficient and profitable. With large projects we will liaise with your architects, builders and DVSA where required. The largest cost savings and best design enhancements can be achieved when we are consulted early in the project. Sometimes customers only speak with us after the outer building is erected, by which time the floor has been poured and power & drainage runs have been finalised. Several thousand Pounds of potential savings can be lost by then and much work has to be duplicated and worse, undone and moved.

Because we specialise in motorcycle, marine and ATV workshops, we are able to advise the best solutions for your workshop, which are very different from automotive projects.

Whatever the size of your current project, we can supply as much or as little as you require. Components can be supplied for you to install with free advice and guidance from ourselves. This works very well with exhaust extraction systems, oil & air pipework etc. Alternatively, we will supply a complete turnkey project - the choice is yours.


We are FCA authorised to provide finance from approved third-party lenders.  The benefits of financing workshop equipment include being able to maximise the efficiency of your workshop by having the latest technology available without affecting your day-to-day cash flow. Enhanced workshop facilities will increase profitability both directly and also indirectly by attracting new customers and higher calibre technicians.

Lease/purchase is our most popular method of obtaining maximum cash flow and tax relief benefits when investing in capital equipment. The main advantage of lease/purchase schemes over other methods of finance is that all payments are fully allowable against tax in the same way as other overheads. At the end of the lease, ownership is transferred to yourselves for a nominal fee (less than one month’s payment) - the equipment is then completely yours with no more payments to make, just profits.

We can also provide traditional Hire Purchase solutions.  All finance schemes are flexible to meet your needs - typically over periods of 12-60 months.

Shorter term financing via PayPal to split your payments over 3 months at no additional cost is available as well as Klarna offering payment within 30 days, over 3 months or 12-36 month packages.


Although the majority of our products can be supplied for you to install with free advice and guidance from ourselves, we also offer a comprehensive installation service.

We can install all the equipment we sell including:
In-floor recessed motorcycle lifts.
Class I & II MoT bays.
Compressed air systems with compressor and all pipework.
Bulk and waste oil distribution systems with tanks and all pipework.
Exhaust extraction systems, in-floor and overhead.
Dura workshop furniture.
Dynamometer and soundproof booth installation.

We can also install equipment not supplied by ourselves. Our installation engineers are professional and highly efficient.


We offer on-site servicing for all our products and similar products from other suppliers. We can service and repair Lifts, Tyre Equipment, MoT Brake Testers, Headlamp Aligners, Compressors, anything in fact in a motorcycle workshop. We can provide scheduled service plans and also ad hoc servicing as required. We can also train your staff to maintain certain pieces of equipment and provide the necessary check sheets and service / inspection schedules.

Additionally we offer return-to-base repairs and servicing on all smaller tools and equipment - this is particularly useful for electronic and handheld tools and keeps costs to a minimum. Our turnaround time is usually very fast.


Take advantage of our years of experience and accumulated knowledge! We are happy to advise customers, potential customers in fact anyone who needs advice about motorcycle workshop tools and equipment. Our advice is free and second to none. We take pride in our integrity and we won't try to sell you anything you don't need.

If you need any help or advice about tools or equipment you either have or are thinking about buying, about layout & design, rules & regulations, whatever, we are here to help. We work on the basis that even if you don't buy anything, you'll be so impressed with our service and advice that we'll be top of your list when you need anything and hopefully you'll tell your colleagues about our fantastic service. It might be unconventional but it's worked thus far and it's why we rarely advertise. Our best salesmen and saleswomen are our customers - thanks to you all for spreading the word.


We offer various training courses for technicians.

We offer courses run by Texa to train customers on the use of their Texa Diagnostic tools at specific training venues. To qualify, customers must have a current Texa Diagnostic Tool with a current software update subscription.

Additionally we offer bespoke onsite training courses tailored to your requirements. We can train several technicians together at one time. Course subjects include electrical, fuelling, dyno operation, diagnostics, etc. etc.