Tyre Changers

Discover our range of Motorcycle Tyre Changers, designed for professional workshops who demand the best tools for the job. Our selection includes four robust models, each equipped with essential features to make tyre changing safe, efficient, and hassle-free.

Key Features:

• Complete Kit: Every tyre changer comes with a pneumatic bead breaker, professional tyre inflator, tyre lever, and tyre lube pot to ensure you're fully equipped from the start.
• Safety-Focused Design: Protect your wheels with replaceable polypropylene jaw pads and covers. The tyre lever and bead-breaker blade also feature polypropylene covers, eliminating any risk of metal to metal contact.
Automatic Safety Mechanisms: All ProBike tyre changers include demount heads that automatically lift clear from the wheel rim during use, equipped with plastic inserts for added protection.
Versatile Options: 
  • M200, M350, M550: These models feature manual horizontal head clearance, providing you with precision control.
  • M650: Our top-of-the-line model offers fully automatic operation for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

Equip your workshop or garage with our premium Motorcycle Tyre Changers and experience the perfect blend of safety, durability, and ease of use.