BikeTech Suzuki ECU Tuning Tool

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  • PC Based dealer tool - USB Interface & Windows Software
  • Usable on all Fuel Injected Suzuki Road Bikes up to 2011 model year.
  • Doesn't stay on the bike. 

With the BikeTech Suzuki EFI Mixture Adjuster you can adjust each individual cylinder's idle mixture, richer or leaner, in real-time while the bike is running, either with the all cylinders locked together, or fine tune Cyl1, Cyl2, Cyl3 or Cyl4 individually if necessary. Makes it easy to adjust idle mixture and to eliminate the hunting, loping idle caused by improper idle mixture settings. The engine will run cooler at idle and the off-idle surge is eliminated. 

5 throttle position RUN settings:
You can adjust and program fuel delivery in 5 different ranges 

  1. Up to 10% throttle - tune out off-idle stutter. 
  2. 11% to 25% throttle 
  3. 26% to 50% throttle 
  4. 51% to 75% throttle 
  5. 76% to 100% throttle 

Now with V2:

  • Multi-language 
  • Full Databank Function 
  • Save & Recall Files 
  • List by make, model or Reg. No. 
  • Internet software updating 


  • No add-on boxes; no wiring to alter; no permanent connections to make 
  • No bike dismantling required - simply connect to the bike's ECU via the connector 
  • No possibility of adding potential wiring problems 
  • No ECU mapping conflicts or additional processors trying to "trick" the original ECU 
  • All settings can be saved to a file; tested and uploaded again as required 
  • Saved files include comprehensive details of bike and accessories 
  • The fastest, easiest, most profitable tuning you will ever have done! 
  • Uploading a file to the ECU takes seconds - all profit with minimal overheads! 
  • Easy to install and easy to use software 
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows with USB ports 
  • Complete with USB cable