We have 30 years experience supplying motorcycle & ATV diagnostic tools to the motorcycle industry in the UK and overseas.

Diagnostic tools are now essential service tools as motorcycles feature more advanced electronics with every new model. If this is unfamiliar territory, remember our advice is free of charge, and second to none. To help you get to grips with the technology revolution, we can offer dedicated training courses and all the advice you need.


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Texa Axone Nemo Mini ProPack
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Texa Axone Nemo Mini Pro Package:

Axone Nemo Mini c/w IDC5M software; TXBE interface; Bike Essentials Case; 12 months' TexPac & TexInfo subscriptions

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Axone Nemo Mini ProPack

TXBe Promo Package
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Texa Navigator TXB Evolution Motorcycle Diagnostic Promotional Package:

TXBe interface, IDC5 Software, AP01 cable, 12 months' subscription for software updates (new models) and 12 months' subscription for technical bulletins

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TXBe Promo Package

Texa Navigator TXB Evolution OBD diagnostic tool with IDC5 Plus Windows software for Motorcycles, ATVs, Jetskis etc. 

Price £1,580.00

Texa Navigator TXBe