CarbMate Carb Balancer

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A twin cylinder engine owner's favourite, the CarbMate displays the vacuum difference between two cylinders on a single display. The Range adjust helps the user find the best possible balance setting, down to the lowest resolution recommended by OEs. Many available connection accessories, optional kit for 4 cylinder-engines. Approved as a recommended tool by Rotax aviation's official club ROAN.

  • Professional standards at DIY cost
  • Accurate and very easy to use
  • Range adjust from 2 to 0,5 cmHg
  • Enhances performance, saves fuel
  • Numerous connection options

How it works
Intake synchronisers measure vacuum values in cm of mercury (Hg) from each individual throttle valve's vacuum port. These values indirectly show the differences in throttle valve opening angle between the master- and other cylinders of a given engine. Synchronising an engine makes for a uniform opening angle between valves, ensuring a similar fuel mixture quantity is being fed in each cylinder - mixture quality is a different parameter, shown on a gas analyser.

The CarbMate features 3 functions:

  1. Resolution rotary button: range from 1.50 to 0.50cm Hg per LED. One starts the synchronisation on the highest value, fine-tuning is gradually achieved by going towards industry standards-beating 0.50cm Hg.
  2. Synchronisation: connecting the reference (or master) cylinder port to CarbMate's left, "REF" input displays the template vacuum value, to be matched with the other cylinder's value. The single bar graph acts like a balance between two cylinders. These are synchronised when vacuum values are even - the middle LED is on. Provided manual explains the procedure for 3 or 4 cylinder-engines, using the optional "2 to 4" pneumatic kit.
  3. Zero adjustment: used between two synchronisation operations, CarbMate's intake tubes loose, in order to reset atmospheric pressure measurement.

CarbMate carb balancer - twin-engine synchronising made easy and affordable


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    Carbmate Synchroniser

    Posted by Mark Wade on 25th Sep 2023

    The unit feels really high quality and comes well packaged with all you need to sync a twin cylinder vehicle. I've done an initial sync on my air-cooled BMW motorbike and found the unit easy to use with good instructions. Very good communications from Probike throughout trying to find one of these and the purchase process. As a bonus the unit is guaranteed for two years to the initial purchaser.