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Soundproof booths are the ideal home for your motorcycle dynamometer. These are designed by industrial soundproofing specialists and feature high rates of sound isolation. The generous 2.7m internal ceiling height allows the operator to remain comfortable even with a surface mounted dynamometer. Available in eleven sizes from 2.3m wide x  4m deep, up to 3.3m wide x 6m deep. 

All booths include a wide double leaf door with internal push release bar. The doors are fitted with seals on all sides to ensure maximum noise reduction.

Heavy duty double glazed windows can be fitted into the one or sides of the booth for easy viewing. These are available as either a 1m x 1m, or 2m x 1m. 

Fresh air vents are fitted with high performance attenuators to ensure good airflow without compromising sound reduction. These can be further enhanced with high flow radial fans to maximise airflow through the booth. 

Can be supplied with an integral exhaust extraction fan and hoses upon request. Alternatively, the acoustic panels can be precut to accomodate an external extraction system. 

Optional lighting package includes LED strip lights and an emergency exit light with battery back up. 

All booths are supplied flat-pack with instructions for self assembly. We can also provide assembly using our specialist engineers.