VacuumMate Vacuum Analyser

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VacuumMate is an affordable advanced hand-held electronic vacuum tester to synchronise up to four carburettors and pinpoint combustion chamber problems. Four LED arrays display vacuum in each inlet tract, with one scale selectable to show engine R.P.M. for two or four stroke engines.

Vacuum measurement is displayed as either AVERAGE for highly accurate carburettor balancing, or DYNAMIC for diagnosing problems. In the DYNAMIC mode, faults like induction leaks, leaking inlet valves and defective exhaust valves can all be discovered without mechanical strip down, saving hours of labour time.

Recent improvements in the VacuumMate Allweather include rechargeable internal batteries and a waterproof casing (ideal for marine applications - it is designed to float if dropped overboard). VacuumMate comes complete with a set of 4 unique M5 and M6 flexi-rigid threaded vacuum adaptors, a carry case, 12V power / charge lead, a wall poster and a manual.

Electronic vacuum measurement & fault finding made simple.