MGE75-F In Floor Electro Hydraulic 750kg Lift

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Top of the range motorcycle lift with a huge payload of 750kg and a lifting height of 1200mm. Recessed in-floor lifts are the ultimate luxury for top notch workshops. Ideal for workshops where large cruisers are the norm or where maneuvering space is limited as it is not necessary to avoid the descended lift while positioning a bike. Additionally recessed lifts save time and effort pushing the bike on top of a descended lift and they do look the business - if you want to impress this is the way to go.

The MGE75-F can be powered from a normal 13A mains supply - the electric pump is built into the lift chassis which means there is no separate pump unit taking up space and getting in the way. Nice touches like angled front corners make daily work easier. Supplied complete with pit edge frame, end stop and drop down rear wheel access plate for easy removal of any motorcycle's rear wheel. We can supply these in special colours to order - normally customers customise the trim parts to highlight corporate branding. NOTE - The pit edge frame is now only available in a stainless steel finish. 

Features include: Integral electric pump; smooth, fast, quiet operation; slide away section for rear wheel access; chequerplate centre stand plate; automatic locking at 10 different heights; wired remote control.

A range of options includes: push-button control station for integration into workshop furniture; various wheel clamps.

Pro quality - Made in Italy

Table Size:
2200 x 750mm
Height Max:
Height Min:
Rear Dropdown:
540 x 360mm
Safety Lock Positions: