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Profi Laser QAT (Quad Alignment Tool) is a high-quality German made precision laser tool to measure Quad / ATV / Kart wheel alignment and camber settings easily and quickly. In just a few minutes you can see the current geometric alignment of the vehicle. Wheel alignment can be critical for quads, having a marked effect on handling & tyre wear.

Profi Laser QAT fits all Kart, ATV & Quad rims between 7" and 15" diameter. The kit features 4 precision one-piece alloy brackets which are manufactured to provide a perfect fit on the rim edge. Two laser line generators are attached to the rear wheel assemblies and two measuring screens are attached to each of the front ones. Springs secure the alloy brackets to the wheels.  When in place, laser lines are fired from the rear units which strike the screens on the front units.

Measurements will reveal even slight discrepencies and enable you to determine the reason for it. e.g. if a vehicle axle is bent or the rear axle was not installed correctly (if Profi Laser QAT was not used previously).

Alignment settings are made using the scales positioned horizontally. Camber settings are made with the scales in a vertical position.

For the dealer

  • Add wheel alignment and chassis check to a service as an additional charge - provides new income.
  • High tech image increases profile with customers and insurance assessors.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Fits all Karts, ATV’s
  • Negotiate better trade-in deal by checking for alignment and chassis problems.
  • Check wheel alignment
  • Check chassis for alignment and damage

For the Customer

  • Improved handling.
  • Lower tyre wear.
  • Confidence in dealer.
  • Faster insurance assessment.

Profi Laser QAT is delivered as a full kit, ready to use, including a special case and batteries. The accuracy is <0.05%. No calibration is required.