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TOUCH BIKE is an electronic measuring system that enables the frame geometry and wheel alignment of a motorcycle to be checked within minutes, with no bodywork removal required for the majority of bikes. It is genuinely very fast to use. There are no jigs to attach, no bodywork to remove, no clamping or bolting necessary. It is simply the quickest motorcycle measuring system available. 

Ideal for:

  • Motorcycle dealers
  • Race bike builders / race teams
  • Insurance assessors
  • Motorcycle manufacturers / importers
  • Restorers / crash repair workshops


How it works:

The Touch Bike has a high-precision articulated arm with highly accurate digital encoders that transmit the movements to a Windows laptop PC (not supplied) using the included Touch software. The software guides the user through the measurement procedure for different functions. A quick test records the swingarm pivot axis and the headstock axis in three dimensions. These measurements are then compared to reference data for the specific bike model in the software database.  In the case of specials, classics etc. the operator can create a new data-sheet by simply measuring a known correct motorcycle and saving the data as a new reference.

Additional tests are possible to check for straightness or parallel of any items - e.g. forks etc.

Following a correct measurement, a certificate can be generated guaranteeing the geometry of the motorcycle and the roadworthiness of its frame.

The software database currently holds over 1500 motorcycle and scooter measurement files. This data is constantly updated by the manufacturer. 

The benefits:

For motorcycle dealers, the system is invaluable as a check for incoming part-exchanged bikes to ensure they are not crash damaged - any bikes which show misalignment can be identified and pricing adjusted to suit. Offering a geometry certificate with all sold bikes is a big incentive and will increase buyers' confidence in the dealership.



  • Trolley Dimensions: 715x715x1400mm (LxWxH)
  • Total weight: 85Kg
  • Trolley with wheels for easy transportation
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
  • Charger power supply: 100-240Volt
  • Measuring and management software
  • Bluetooth Communication to PC
  • Windows PC Software with database