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The ProBike K22 hand spin balancer is the latest evolution of the hugely successful C22 - arguably the most accurate & reliable motorcycle wheel balancer ever made. The K22 retains the fixed shaft that was the heart of the C22's success. This allows the motorcycle wheel to spin on its own bearings, exactly reproducing the conditions of the wheel in the bike.

There are many important advantages with this arrangement: balancing is much more accurate; wheel bearing defects can be detected; fitting the wheels to the balancer is far quicker and simpler. The balancer itself is far more durable - the sensors which pick up the imbalance are virtually solid-state, resulting in higher accuracy which will not deteriorate over time.

The K22HS can be powered using either 12-24V DC or 230V AC making easy to use in both the workshop and mobile applications. Both DC cable and Mains power supply are provided as standard.

The K22HS is supplied complete with balance weights, weight pliers and a 15mm shaft with spacers to fit all motorcycle wheels with bearings. Options include a single-sided wheel adaptor kit (AGF) which covers all side-hung wheels in one single solution, a 12mm shaft and cone set for lightweight wheels, and a 19mm shaft and cone set for heavier wheels as used in cruiser models produced by Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Victory.

K22 Features at a glance:

Dual-Plane and Single-Plane operation Manual input of diameter & offset
Data input before or after spin cycle Wheel dimensions displayed in either inches or mm
Fast, simple operation Imbalance displayed in either Ozs or Grams
Integral storage for side-hung adaptor kit Optimisation program to minimise balance weights
Superb accuracy & repeatability: ± 1g   Liquid-proof control panels - all push button
Advanced electronics      Unique motor drive system
Unique wear free design - 2 year warranty Unbeatable value and build quality
Simply the best available worldwide Complete with weights, weight pliers, calipers etc.

Wheel Balancing Notes:

An electronic motorcycle wheel balancer is required to balance wheels dynamically to eliminate side-to-side imbalance - essential for today's high performance motorcycles.

Dual-plane or 'dynamic' refers to side to side imbalance - this is lateral shake that is normally very evident at specific speeds. Dual-plane balancing requires an electronic computer balancer to eliminate these handling anomalies. Single-plane or 'static' balancing eliminates up and down imbalance - this is vertical shake, also often evident at specific speeds, but as discomfort rather than a handling issue. Single-plane balancing can be achieved quickly on an electronic machine, or manually (and slowly) on a drop-test balancer.

230V or 12-24V
Wheel Diameter:
10" to 24"
750 x 750 x 975mm
Rim Width:
1.5" to 20"
+/- 1g


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    Posted by Nigel Raby Motorcycles on 30th May 2024

    a proper dedicated motorcycle wheel balancer, simply the best.