Fuchs Dynamometer Upgrades


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We offer hardware and software upgrade packages for Fuchs BEI251, BEI261, 301 and 361 dynamometers. A package usually consists of a high-speed PC interface card and MI BIKE software with the option of air/fuel measurement.

MI BIKE software is compatible with Windows 7-10 operating systems and is optimised for touch-screen operation. It’s interactive user interface enables the operator to use the software quickly, safely and intuitively. The integral motorcycle databank contains data for more than 1600 motorcycle models including gear ratios, frictional coefficients, rotating inertia and efficiency figures allowing accurate crankshaft power measurement.

Test results can be displayed by power, torque, AFR, time, speed or distance and can be compared with curves from other tests by overlaying them on the display and printed as required. Help is available on every screen.

A search facility enables you to easily retrieve the vehicle’s characteristics and history. This feature allows comparison with the manufacturer’s data, previous tests, identical vehicles and typical curves for known faults.

Additionally we can advise with reinstallations and updates to older versions of Fuchs software and spare parts for Fuchs dynos.  Call for details.