Marolotest Dynamometer


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Fast: loading the bike and performing a test takes less than 3 minutes in total with the optional automatic wheel clamp.
Accurate: tests are repeatable to within 1%, even between different machines, allowing accurate comparisons with other tests and with manufacturers' figures.
Safe: the safety-interlocked integral folding access ramp doubles as a safety barrier and also acts as a mount for the exhaust extraction collectors. Additional perspex safety guards either side provide total safety for operators and onlookers to CE standards.
Complete: all fans, ducting, PC, printer, installation and on-site staff training can be included within the package. You then have just one supplier - you don't waste your time and money sourcing components which may or may not be compatible. Alternatively you can order just the components you want individually - the choice is yours.

Unique Standard Features:

Integral motorcycle databank: data for more than 1600 motorcycle models is incorporated including gear ratios, frictional coefficients, rotating inertia and efficiency figures allowing accurate crankshaft power measurement.
Safety barriers: genuine CE certification
Clear results: graphs can display power at the crankshaft, gearbox, rear wheel or roller; Power can be corrected to EC95/1, DIN, SAE or ISO correction factors. Many manufacturers' claimed power outputs can also be displayed for comparison.
Trouble-free installation: all you need is a 230V electrical supply, a compressed air outlet and a route for the exhaust extraction outlet. There is no pit to dig or other building works required, just site the Marolotest Dyno where you want it.

Optional Features:

Forced air cooling for engine and exhausts: powerful specially designed cooling fans cool the engine and exhaust pipes providing a carefully controlled test environment for accurate, repeatable results.

Integral exhaust extraction system: a powerful extraction fan designed for dyno work is integrated within the chassis together with adjustable extraction intakes which fix to the safety ramp for a neat, efficient system - essential for safe testing.

Automatic pneumatic wheel clamp: no straps are used to hold the motorcycle, one person can load and unload a bike quickly and safely. The bike's rear tyre is not subjected to abnormal stresses. This allows the following tests to be performed:

  1. Detection of play in steering head and swing arm bearings.
  2. Confirmation of front and rear suspension operation, damping and condition.
  3. Dynamic wheel and frame alignment test.
  4. Transmission and chain check.

Air / fuel meter ("lambda sensor"): gives a fast indication of the mixture status. The software can display the air/fuel ratio on the power curve printout. Can be used with "MI-LINK" automatic tuning software for Power Commander, RapidBike, Bazzaz and other modules.

Eddy current brake: supplied as standard with a torque-cell module to measure power while using the brake, allowing closedloop control of the brake. Fully automatic simulation of wind resistance, hills, etc.

Integrated 4-Gas Analyser: a must for accurate fuel injection tuning and fault diagnosis. Air/fuel meters can tell you if you have an overall rich or lean mixture, but not why. Gas analysis can indicate ignition or other combustion problems that will not be shown by an air fuel meter, saving you time on that tricky engine.

Wheel speed sensor: no electrical connections are required for power tests meaning that tests are faster than with other systems. Wheel slip can be measured and accounted for and frictional losses measured.